Norway claims that Chinese intelligence has repeatedly stolen its space technology

Norway claims that Chinese intelligence has repeatedly stolen its space technology

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Walter Durante

Norway plays an important role in space exploration for the major military facilities used by the United States, including the Globus II radar in Finnmark County, sometimes referred to as the world’s most advanced radar for satellite monitoring. In recent years, The Chinese intelligence service has managed to obtain advanced Norwegian technology several times, stressed the intelligence service of the Scandinavian country, warning that China is about to become “a military superpower in the Norwegian quadrant” of the north pole.

“With growing interest in the Arctic, we believe that China will continue to influence the situation, even in our vicinity,” said the head of the intelligence service, Lieutenant General Morten Haga Lunde, as quoted by the national broadcaster NRK. Haga Lunde are particularly sought after advanced technologies with military applications.For example, the Andøya Space Center in Andenes in Nordland County, which is about to become the first in Europe to launch satellites, has noted attempts to violate it.
Focus 2020, the new threat assessment by the Norwegian intelligence service (E-Tjenesten), also lists Norwegian space research facilities among the main objectives of the Chinese intelligence service, which, he says, has shown great interest in dual-use technology. According to Focus 2020, Chinese intelligence has managed to obtain this type of advanced technology on several occasions. A report by the United States Congress has raised suspicions about China about the alleged hacking of US satellites through the Svalsat ground station in the archipelago of Svalbard as early as 2007 and 2008. The Norwegian intelligence service pointed out that only some of the Chinese satellites are listed as military, while many civilian polar satellites are used for both intelligence and military purposes. Last year, China overtook the United States in terms of the number of satellites launched, Norway’s space activities
The Andøya Space Center, is a launch and spaceport site on the island of Andøya (the northernmost of the Vesterålen archipelago) in Nordland county, Norway. Since 1962, over 1,200 rockets have been launched from the site. It has approximately 100 employees and is considered to be one of Norway’s most technologically advanced facilities. To put Norway’s concerns in a wider picture, the Scandinavian nation plays a key role in space exploration due to important military space structures used by United States, including the Globus II radar in Finnmark county, which is often labeled as the world’s most advanced satellite tracking radar and has become the bone of contention in Norway’s relations with Russia, which sees it as one espionage tool. The radar is now being updated.

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