Russian microbiologist confirms Sars-Cov-2 virus was created in Russian biolaboratorys

Russian microbiologist confirms Sars-Cov-2 virus was created in Russian biolaboratorys

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Smell fried? Kremlin news resource published closed information confirming the involvement of Russian biological centers in the creation of the SARS-Cov-2 virus

Igor Nikulin, a former member of the UN Biological Weapons Commission, confirmed the artificial origin of the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

This is evidenced by the fact that the virus is a hybrid, the expert confirmed.
“COVID-19 is collected from three parts: bat coronavirus, snake coronavirus and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) –  glycoprotein  protein. In nature, such a combination could not turn out,” the expert is sure.

Stories are known cases of virus creation in the laboratory, the virologist emphasizes.

For example, according to Nikulin, avian influenza, coronavirus, which causes Middle East respiratory syndrome, and the bacterium “Cynthia” are artificially obtained.

Dr. Leonid Roshal, M.D., told Forbes that the spread of coronavirus is a rehearsal for biological warfare. The fears of the honored doctor are not groundless, the scientific community has data on the man-made origin of the virus, said Igor Nikulin, a former member of the UN Commission on Biological Weapons, a microbiologist.
“I believe that the virus is created by man. The virus is laboratory,” according to a scientific report published in the journal Nature. There is no natural hearth in the world. To understand this, it is enough to know that coronavirus does not live in bats, nor in pangolins (animals of placental mammals, Ed.). COVID-19 lives only in human cells,” the expert noted.
are talking about the publication of a scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Shi zhenli-li and his American colleague Ralph Beric in the authoritative scientific journal Nature. According to their findings, the coronavirus is created artificially from the surface protein of the Chinese bat virus SHC014 (which is inherently unsafe for humans) and the dangerous SARS virus.”
In his interview, Nikulin said: ” … that for the trials of the coronavirus vaccine, the Vector Virology and Biotechnology Research Center and the RAS Gene Biology Institute bred a special type of mice in whose body COVID-19 behavior mimics processes in the human body. It is impossible to test the medicine on other animals coronavirus is created to affect people…”
As you know, even for half a year CAN bring out a new species of animals!
The bat-winged live-births, the pregnancy in the female lasts 16 weeks, and the litter contains no more than one “descendant”. In certain species, the maximum number of newborns can reach 3 puppies. But directly the birth of offspring, female bats, try to delay until the spring season of the year. A large tick-shaped bat has the adaptation of slow embryonic development. This means that the growth of the embryo is conditionally delayed if the female enters into a numbness. This leads to the fact that the interval between fertilization and birth varies from two to three months. Pregnancy lasts about seven weeks before the birth of a single offspring called a puppy. Reach puberty by two years. Life expectancy usually does not exceed six or seven years.
Nikulin has previously stated: “… it is difficult to verify where the virus was produced, but the fact that it was created artificially is obvious.
Thus, both Leonid Roshal and Igor Nikulin confirmed the version about the involvement of Russian biological research centers in the creation of the virus.
Only the question of its distribution remains open so far



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