UKRAINE: Betrayal at the very top

UKRAINE: Betrayal at the very top

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Yuri Butusov (Editor at Censor.Net)

President Vladimir Zelensky fired the Head of the GUR MO ( General Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense) Vasyl Burba for demanding to investigate the failure of the operation to capture the “Wagnerians” postponed by the head of the PA (Head of the Presidential Administration) Andrii Yermak

The Security Service of Ukraine is obliged to open an investigation under the article of treason, and the Parliament is obliged to create an investigative commission to verify the involvement of President Vladimir Zelensky and his inner circle in the leak of information, to disrupt the secret operation of the SBU and GUR MO to detain terrorists in Belarus. But the scandal involved the top leadership of the country. The head of the General Directorate of Intelligence of the Defense Ministry Vasily Burba, who demanded to check on the polygraph the head of the Office of the President Andrii Yermak and the first deputy secretary of the National Security Council Ruslan Demchenko, immediately after his statement was … sacked by decree of Zelensky! Thus, the President of Ukraine with this dismissal concealed high-ranking officials from passing the inspection and criminal case. The Censor.Net set a picture of what happened based on the data of our sources in law enforcement agencies and published information in the media.

The purpose of the foiled operation of the Ukrainian special services today can be called. More than a year ago, an operation was launched to track down and detain 28 terrorists living in Russia in order to ensure justice and replenish the “exchange fund” for prisoner exchanges, which Russia blocks. The group planned to detain two terrorists involved in the destruction of the Boeing MH-17 near Torez; one terrorist involved in the destruction of Il-76 at Luhansk airport; one terrorist involved in the destruction of AN-26 near Luhansk. 9 terrorists out of 28 were citizens of Ukraine and used Ukrainian passports. Eleven people from the group were already in the “Mirotvorets” search base.

The group was called “Wagnerians” by the media, but most of them did not serve in the real Wagner. They were mercenaries who didn’t care who they could fight for. During the recruitment of mercenaries, they gave detailed testimony on video about their crimes in Ukraine – they boasted, thinking that they show the level of their “qualification”.

Ukrainian special services have found terrorists. Then they were offered a lucrative job on behalf of the Russian private military company “MAR”, established in 2014 in St. Petersburg to recruit mercenaries for the war against Ukraine, but closed by the founders in 2018. The job is to guard oil rigs in Venezuela, from where the terrorists received an invitation. They recruited a group of 33 people (except for 28 terrorists were random people). According to the plan, the driver Gennady Kumpan had to transport the whole group on July 24 directly to Minsk airport, not staying in Belarus for a single hour, from where they were to fly on July 25 on a flight from Minsk to Istanbul to Turkey.

The plane would have landed in Ukraine for certain reasons, the terrorists would have been detained, and passengers and crew could quickly continue flying.


The Censor.Net partially restored the chronology of events:

  1. On July 24, the Head of the Ministry of Defense, Vasily Burba, together with the first deputy chairman of the SBU, Ruslan Baranetsky, arrived to the President for a report on the final part of the operation and the imminent departure of terrorists from Minsk.
    In the cabinet at the meeting together with Zelensky were present: the Head of the Office of the President Andrii Yermak, the first deputy secretary of the National Security Council the Head of the Intelligence Committee Ruslan Demchenko, the deputy head of the PA for defense Roman Mashovets, the secretary of the President Maria Levchenko.

    According to the sources of Censor.Net, at the meeting the head of the Presidential Office Andrii Yermak said that the operation should be postponed. Yermak referred to negotiations with Dmitry Kozak, an aide to Russian President Putin, that the detention of terrorists would prevent the beginning of another truce in the Donbas on July 27.
    Security chiefs said the terrorists were on their way, registered for the flight, and the suspension of the operation could lead to a complete failure. The operation has been prepared for more than a year and is connected with the detention of terrorists who were wanted in Ukraine, and are of interest to the justice of the Netherlands, which has nothing to do with the Minsk process. However, he supported Yermak and ordered the SBU and the Ministry of Defense to suspend the capture of terrorists, and postpone the operation to July 30, so that it would be more convenient to explain with Moscow.

  1. On July 25, – 33 registered passengers did not enter the Minsk-Istanbul flight.
  2. Departure was scheduled for 30 July. However, on July 29, the special services of Belarus suddenly detained the whole group on the eve of the flight. President Lukashenko, who was acting at the time, stated that the aim of the group was to participate in mass riots in the elections in Belarus on August 9.
  3. On July 31, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine sends a submission to the Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus with a request to extradite the detainees and extradite them to Ukraine.
  4. On Monday, August 3, President Zelensky again gathered the same group of people for the meeting. The Head of the GUR MO Burba said the failure of the costly operation to capture the terrorists, and that the reason is betrayal. Burba demanded to start checking all those who had information about the operation, and to conduct a polygraph test of themselves, Yermak, Demchenko and Mashovets. Yermak expressed displeasure that the information about the failure appeared in our partners from the United States. However, President Zelensky did not make any decisions to carry out a check on the event of a failure.
  5. August 5 – Without any warnings and discussions, the President Zelensky issues a decree on the dismissal of Vasily Burba and the appointment of a new Head of the Ministry of Defense, Kirill Budanov. An investigation into the failure of the costly terrorist takeover operation has not been launched. The President is negotiating with Lukashenko on the extradition of terrorists, at least those nine who are citizens of Ukraine and use Ukrainian passports.
  6. On August 7, Putin holds talks with Lukashenko on the extradition of the entire group of terrorists in Russia.
  7. On August 14, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation says that all terrorists detained in Belarus have been extradited to Russia.


What caused the failure of the special operation?

  1. There was a deliberate leak of information, in order to draw the attention of the special services of Belarus to the terrorists in order to provoke their detention and decipher the purpose of their flight. The group was supposed to depart on a new flight on July 30, nine days before the elections in Belarus, that is, it could not pose a threat to the special services of Belarus. There were no weapons, no contacts with political movements that could lead to such a large-scale operation in themselves.
  2. Given the close cooperation between Belarus and Russia in the field of special services, it is obvious that if they had initially agency information, they would not allow terrorists to leave for Minsk and check in on the flight. Or we would try to use the situation for their own purposes – for example, they would record videos with detainees. It is obvious that Belarusians and Russians did not have accurate information about the situation, their actions were spontaneous.
  3. The leak originated from Ukraine, and most likely of those circles that work to get closer to Russia at the cost of any concessions, and have access to top-secret information of the highest security clearance.

Who failed the operation to capture the terrorists?

  1. The reason for the failure of the terrorist takeover is primarily the unplanned postponement of the terrorist’s departure. The decision was taken by the head of the OP Ermak and approved by President Zelensky. Yermak’s motives to disrupt the operation he voiced himself – Yermak does not want to spoil his relationship with Kozak – Putin’s aide.
  2. On June 16, President Zelensky appointed Ruslan Demchenko as the first deputy secretary of the National Security Council and head of the intelligence committee.

Ruslan Demchenko is one of the authors of the infamous Kharkiv Agreements of 2010 *, which legitimized the occupation of Crimea and gave Russia the freedom to quickly seize Crimea in 2014.

Under Poroshenko, Demchenko was included in the Trilateral Contact Group as a convenient figure for Russia as an adviser – apparently, Poroshenko made concessions to Russia in this matter, and introduced their man into the negotiation process. And he elevated Demchenko to the very top of the government. During the war with Russia, he handed over control of all Ukrainian intelligence to the Russian supporter and access to all the secret information, all operations of Ukrainian special services against Russia!

Moreover, Demchenko was appointed to this post illegally, as it is subject to lustration – but it is obvious that someone asked to give him control of our intelligence. Demchenko, according to the Censor.Net,in the Trilateral Contact Group is known for repeatedly in 2019-20 accused the Ukrainian military of violating the terms of the truce, handed over to the Russian schedules of shelling on the front, just shamefully worked out the Russian agenda.

* Agreements between the Russian Federation and Ukraine on the stay of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. Signed on April 21, 2010 by the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine in Kharkov. Opponents of the agreements with regard to them used the dysphemism “Yanukovych-Medvedev Pact” (by analogy with the “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”)



  1. President Zelensky is obliged to immediately start checking the betrayal in his office, all without exception the participants of the meeting, including the president, are obliged to pass a polygraph test, the SBU should open a criminal case on treason.
  2. He should immediately dismiss Demchenko from the intelligence committee, the SBU should deprive Demchenko of access to state secrets.
  3. The Parliament (Rada) should create an investigative commission to monitor the investigation, the participants of the meeting should give evidence to the MPs. It is necessary to examine how much information flows from the presidential cabinet, what other intelligence operations could have been spotted.
  4. In the event of the President’s failure to meet the basic requirements to protect the country’s security, civil society must be mobilized. This failure cannot go unpunished.
  5. Ukraine is to start a trial on the circumstances of the seizure of Crimea in 2014. Traitors who surrendered Ukrainian lands and contributed to Putin’s aggression, high-ranking assistants of Yanukovych, have the right to be in power only as suspects.


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